Monday, November 16, 2009

Who posted appeal on Leonard Boekelman?

I don't know about you but I hear stories after stories on people finding out that there are things posted on their names and they have no idea how it got there. Like Mr. Leonard Boekelman a misused of justice that happened 30 years ago where if you don't have details and the complete story on Mr. Boekelman you may think that he committed a crime and in actuality it was a total frame up as he step on some pretty serious toes and was set up. He was released and the judge that took over the case even apologized at the misuse of justice and yet someone decided lets just stir up the pot and posted the appeal that happened 30 years ago. What happened then greatly affected Mr. Boekelman's family and his resources. He had to rebuild himself completely. He has never had a problem since. Regardless of his innocence then who wants to have to explain themselves and why should we.

I would love to have your feedback in how we can stop such posting or remove them.

Misused of Justice

30 years ago someone by the name of Leonard F. Boekelman had a direct experience of how the justice system can be manipulated by the mighty. At the time Mr. Boekelman owned a banana plantation and was forced and dictated the price to sell and the quantities. After experiencing continued losses Mr. Boekelman organized a coop amongst all banana growers and develop contacts to sell outside the United States. Needless to say that Mr. Boekelman made some serious enemies in an industry that was totally controlled by certain government agency. As Mr. Boekelman and other growers became very successful and were able to generate regular profit by exporting this particular agency as well as Dole were loosing millions of dollars. Well it did not take long for this agency to find a way to set up Mr. Boekelman and get him out of the picture completely. They simply put funds in his account and charged him for it. Eventhough the bank testified that made an error and also confirmed that Mr. Boekelman repaid the funds they found him guilty. When a new judge reviewed his case; he apologize in the misused of justice...told him that he never should have spent any time in jail and released him immediately. In the meanwhile, Mr. Boekelman had to rebuild himself completely as all was lost for him. His family suffered greatly in the process. Interestingly enough up and until 2 years ago you could google his name and nothing would come up. Now the appeal that was filed 30 years ago shows up on google...Why? Well it seems there are always people that love to dig up dirt even though the person was innocent. For all those who are dealing with similar injustices and know destructive people that love to post what ever they can find to make your life difficult. Don't just sit back do something. Stand tall... tell your story.